Iris CTF Writeups

CTF Writeups for IrisCTF

Jeopardy CTF with local group from Braunschweig.

Challenges I solved

skats network history - Networks

Wireshark pcap with encrypted wifi transmission only, plus a Linux filesystem. And an ssl keyfile.

You could find the WIFI's password inside it:



There was also a firefox profile with a link to a pastebin url in the history file, but the link 404s.

Generate PSK here: https://www.wireshark.org/tools/wpa-psk.html

Open wireshark and add key to IEEE802.11 Protocol.

Wireshark PSK

Decrypt TLS Traffic with the keyfile, also possible with Wireshark.

Wireshark TLS

Filter to http2 traffic and search for the pastebin http request you know from the firefox profile

Wireshark HTTP

Name that song 3 - Misc

.kt file is Klystrack tracker file

Found the song on the Klystrack Discord server:


Creator has soundcloud

also Battleofthebits account if you google their name:

Name that song 4 - Misc

Crazy challenge to find a song, mostly chiptune stuff. Download was a .tap file, quick google search revealed it can be opened with a tool called "Beeopola"

Beepola can load the tap file, I just searched for songs created with beepola and tritone on Battleofthebits.

skat’s SD Card - Forensics

SD Card image with linux filesystem

  • User has firefox user profile:
  • Pastebin with rsa key:
    • ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABgQCv/ZnNTSNTzOsd2hiC6UnOu7p+cb7JrramwXKh0Mnu - Pastebin.com

Bash History:

ip a
ps -aux
ls */
tree -a
cat .ssh/id_rsa.pub
cd Downloads/
git clone
git clone git@github.com:IrisSec/skats-interesting-things.git
cd skats-interesting-things/
cat README.md
cat article6.txt
cd ../
rm -rf skats-interesting-things/

I got stuck trying to recover the deleted folder, as I thought that we can recover it with tools like testdisk.

The solution was to crack the ssh keys password, with a recent version of john you could crack the passowrd in seconds (rockyou), the password was ..... password.

Cloning the repo and doing "git grep ctf $(git rev-list --all)" got us the flag.

Secret FBX - Misc

We got second blood on this challenge


3D Model that was encrypted, we had to somehow open it in Blender to get the Flag.

Loading the Model in the official FBX converter, but the import failed, but we could read basic metadata, one was kinda ... sus:


What the converter did not reveal: The FBX Api has some kind of password protection, but the converter tool just doesn't load the model at all instead of asking for a password ... weird.

According to the API-Doc the SDK is capable of decrypting encrypted models.

So I installed the FBX SDK Toolchain on my PC and started an example program that has a password prompt:


A Team member took a look at the SDKs source code in Ghidra, and found out that there is some logic to transform the NodeIDs Value to a password:


He reversed the algorithm and so we got the first part of the flag:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

enc_pass = b"0-p;<2a|n-`u)u+ru30)pn9"
dec_pass = bytearray()
key = "?|/?*"

Found "nodeId" somwhere in library code, replicated logic in python script that got us first part of flag

dec_pass += (enc_pass[0] ^ 0x40).to_bytes(1, "little")
for i in range(1, len(enc_pass)):
    dec_pass += (enc_pass[i] ^ enc_pass[i-1] ^ ord(key[i % len(key)])).to_bytes(1, "little")

This part of the flag was the password to decrypt the 3D model:

Decryption works with that password

Importing the file in Blender got us the second part of the flag:

Decryption works with that password